Course description

Sneak on the Lot is a new way of teaching film. This amazing curriculum prepares young filmmakers to make an impact. Students have access to stock footage and stock music to use in their films. Add your creations to your online portfolio and start your career with experiential learning from professional filmmakers.

Sneak on the Lot is a project of Independent Student Media (ISM Films), founded in 1999 by filmmakers Darrin Fletcher and Chet Thomas, who endeavored to create a new way of teaching students. They realized it was not enough to simply deliver the information to a new generation of film students, but realized an intense need to make the content and process as entertaining and engaging as they are educational.

Growing out of their accomplishments as filmmakers, they developed a working curriculum that instructs students through an interactive online textbook. With this tool, teachers and students have the opportunity to be instructed by industry professionals at anytime of the day or night through downloadable interviews. Ongoing development of the curriculum and its associated resources gave birth to Sneak on the Lot.

Mike Chenoweth and Darrin Fletcher

Mike Chenoweth and Darrin Fletcher

Instructor and Co-Founder

With such incredible projects on their resumes as The Abolitionists, Mike Chenoweth and Darrin Fletcher have created an incredible online program fro children to learn how to frame stories through film. 

This is from Darrin and Chet Thomas' Website,

"Media, in all its forms, is a powerful entertainment tool and has tremendous ability to shape the human desire to try harder, reach further and remake themselves into something better than they were before. We choose to feature projects and products that reflect the people or moments in time, either fictional or historical, when good triumphed over evil... When light overcame darkness and made the world a better place.

As children each of us went to the moon, fought dragons and saved the day. Our imaginations whisked us away to foreign shores and distant lands in search of adventure. The powerful imagination of a child is a gift that somewhere along the way we sadly forget. Our interests project an entertaining balance between the human spirit and a childlike imagination that inspire audiences, reminding them of this powerful forgotten gift."

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