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Mathematics forms the foundation for nearly everything we do–from finance to physics, architecture to astronomy. Math not only measures our world, but also reveals its beauty and mystery. It’s not just about making calculations, but about finding patterns that expose the hidden relationships in our universe.

By the end of the year, your student will not only have a fantastic background in math history and applied math, but will have solid math skills as well. Our fantastic instructors will coach your student through the Khan Academy curriculum at one of four levels - 5th Grade, 6th Grade, Pre-algebra, or Algebra 1.

Natalie Kaiserman

Natalie Kaiserman


Natalie Kaiserman

Natalie Kaiserman is a homeschool graduate and the founder of Math Magicians’ Tutoring. As a child, she was not fond of math, but that changed at age 12 when she found she had a knack for algebra. She remembers being frustrated by how poorly her textbooks explained algebraic concepts and found herself rephrasing the explanations it gave, thinking “why didn’t they just say it like this?” Since 2011, she has helped dozens of students to decode their algebra textbooks and realize math isn’t really all that difficult. In fact, math can be fun! Natalie loves to explore the connections between math and science, music, history, and art. This led to the creation of the online “Story of Math” class in 2015, combining the history of math with an understanding that math is the language of the universe. As a current Brigham Young University student, Natalie continues to search for practical math applications in everything from astronomy and accounting to interior design. She loves to share these discoveries with her students and is excited to continue teaching with the Navanas Worldschool team.

Course Curriculum

Math of Germany - Week 23