Full Time Filmmaker

taught by Parker Walbeck
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Parker Walbeck
Parker Walbeck

About the instructor

I’ve had the privilege over the past 3 years of traveling the world, working along side Devin Graham and TeamSupertramp. In those 3 years I traveled to 15 different countries: Australia, New Zealand, UAE (Dubai), Aruba, Iceland, France, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Panama, Canada, Guatemala, Nepal, Turkey, and the USA.I’ve had the experience of doing branding and marketing campaigns with DevinSupertramp as a Second Cinematographer, Head Editor, and at times Director for the following brands: Ford, Mountain Dew, Ubisoft, Champion, Citibank, Turkish Airlines, Panasonic, Bear Naked Granola, Timex and more…

Learn from industry professionals.

  • Filming techniques
  • Editing techniques
  • Asset management
  • Selling your footage and how to get hired
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Build your own portfolio

And much more!

The self-paced version of this class is a go at your own pace online only course. The live version includes the self-paced course, but also meets once a week to go over what you are working on, teach new things, and go over questions.